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Flattening Organizations Require Enhanced Communication


"In flattening organizations, individuals have to adapt to a cultural transformation from order takers or givers borrowing authority from hierarchies, to teams of collaborating generalists with fewer or shared reporting relationships.  In these more collaborative environments, individual leadership skills in communication and influence become uber important for working effectively with others."

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Open Ecosystem Workspaces Can Reduce Productivity


"The implementation of shared open space in diverse ecosystems where workers are free to roam and work in a variety of settings is becoming more and more popular... However, ... productivity declines in open environments"

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‘Agile’ Demands an Evolution in Individual Leadership


"Workplace methodologies like ‘Agile’ and ‘Lean’ variations are becoming more mainstream. A 2017 McKinsey global survey revealed two-thirds of respondents indicated their companies had already begun agile transformations..."

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