Embracing Leadershift:

Extraordinary Results Through Enhanced Communication and Collaboration

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About the Book

This book acknowledges disruptive changes in workspaces, and workforces, that inspired the subsequent demand for the top three ‘soft skills’ of leadership, communication, and collaboration from organizations around the world. These skills have gone from ‘nice to have’ to ‘non-negotiable’ for team leaders and individual leaders who are subject matter experts working among collaborating peers. More and more, your ability to generate results is less dependent on your title and far more dependent on your ability to influence and inspire others to action. 

Learn the Five Steps to Influence and Inspire Extraordinary Results based on decades of leadership experience, research highlighting the practices of leading organizations, and findings based in neuroscience, change management, psychology, and leadership development research. You’ll get insights that will help you effectively lead where you work, live, and in the communities you serve. This step-by-step process will help you demonstrate genuine care, acknowledge the uniqueness of individuals you collaborate with, and help you to influence and inspire others, to extraordinary results.

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Get your copy of Embracing Leadershift on Amazon and in select bookstores. 

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This workshop is for people who want to learn a concise five step process to influence and inspire extraordinary results when working with others. Learn and practice some of the best engagement processes in successful organizations that are validated by the scientific community.

Bonus Book Materials


Reflection Pages

Use these pages to plan your personal development and keep you on track.


Generation Celebration

Consult this resource for noted differences among varying demographic 'cohorts' or ‘generations’ for the purpose of creating additional awareness when dealing with others born into different generations.


Emotional Assessment Tool

Use this tool as a simple guide to assess your alignment with dominant Emotional Intelligence traits


SMART Goal Checklist

Use this resource when planning individual or group goals or challenges, to ensure they are properly defined, feasible, have accountability, and are  positioned for success.


Skills Implementation Planner - At a Glance and Skills Execution Blueprint - At a Glance

Use these resources to support your transformation as you identify and test different processes and tactics in the book before creating a narrowed down blueprint for execution.

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