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Our approach is one of empowerment.

With changes in organizational structures, workplace methodology, technology, the increase in the gig economy, remote workers, and global partners; more and more is required of individuals to be effective connectors and influencers in collaborative work environments.

The luxury of time or opportunity to ‘get to know someone’ doesn’t always exist but the expectation to start working effectively together, regardless of circumstance, does.

We work with individuals to build and leverage skills that better influence, inspire, and generate results, in both their personal and professional lives.  

Our primary goal is to help you better communicate, collaborate, and generate extraordinary results within your organization, with your customers, or with the individuals you are privileged to lead.


Advanced Leadership is a Toronto-based company that serves internationally

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Ricardo is an international speaker, trainer, coach, and author who is passionate about leadership and employee development.  Ricardo is an advocate for “individual leadership” for the masses.  He asserts that a leader is anyone whose success is dependent on their ability to affect another's mindset or behaviour.  Through personal empowerment and promoting individual accountability, Ricardo contributes to building strong communicating performers who leverage leadership principles to advance personal and organizational objectives.

Ricardo brings over a quarter of a century’s experience having worked both in the public and private sectors. Predominantly working in the Canadian financial services industry, he has worked in branches, contact centres, and executive offices.  Ricardo excelled in various roles including: financial planning, managing multiple branches, sales officer training, ambassador work, and internal communications.  Ricardo has led teams to double year over year sales performances while eliciting leadership performances in several categories concurrently.  His teams have increased employee and customer satisfaction indexes by as much as 38% Y/Y.   In his last corporate role, Ricardo worked as a national business development coach and communication specialist.  He coached and spoke to business development strategy across Canada to 40 leadership teams while training 4,700 financial advisors on product, how to engage customers in conversation, and build a book of business.  In this role, Ricardo supported several new record performances during his 3-year stint.  In his last year, he helped generate revenue not seen in the last decade, and the highest account growth ever achieved in the bank’s 184-year history. 

Ricardo now speaks, trains, and coaches internationally and is committed to helping organizations improve communication, collaboration and individual leadership to generate improved employee engagement, customer satisfaction, and extraordinary business results.  

Ricardo is the author of the up and coming book, “EMBRACING LEADERSHIFT Extraordinary Results Through Enhanced Communication and Collaboration”.  He is also an accredited coach, speaker and trainer with one of the world’s top leadership and management experts, John C. Maxwell.

Ricardo Lopes

Managing Director and Founder of Advanced Leadership

Licensed with John C. Maxwell

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​"Ricardo is energetic and awesome fun.  The subject matter covered was relevant to the organization and its mission" 

 - Rodney Reyer

"Great energy and passion.  Makes you want to engage"  

- Alex Rocca

"Ricardo was extremely friendly and well-spoken. His content was simple and easy to identify with."

- Esther Lau

"Excellent presentation.  It was a great idea including some employees as part of your presentation" 

- Rohan Thosre

"Able to engage the audience effectively" 

- Ifti Rashid